About our food

About Our History

PHỞ 777 makes tasty Vietnamese food,the Best grills and drinks

Being the pioneer of PHO restaurants in North American, PHO 777 has established for quite along time. With several decades' experience in running Vietnamese PHO shops, it is no doubt that the specially deigned recipes can satisify clients very well. This concept and policy are being kept by the management and chef team, who never fails to impress clients from time to time.

Welcome to PHỞ 777!

Why Choose PHỞ 777

What PHỞ 777 Does

Drink Diet

Drink Diet is also the principal part of the menus in Vietnam.

Healthy Food

Vegetables and spicy are the usual and major ingredients for Vietnamese Food.

Fresh Fruits

Most of the recipes includes fresh fruits and herbs. Good for health.

Variety of Cuisines

Fresh and top-grade ingredients are used in preparing our food in hygienic enviornment.

Home-like Environment

Whenever clients come in, there's feeling of home-like.

New Menus

The Management and Chef Team always do their very best to review the menus at all times and make new and innovative menus.